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First, attend a Pizza University, buy a few books on the subject (The Art of Wood Fired Cooking, A. Mugnaini), watch a few hundred hours of YouTube Video (Frank Pinella, Mark Iaconno, and Bruno Albouze are masters in their craft), visit 20-30 pizza joints, eat lots of pizza, and talk to pizza experts (and idiots). When you’re good and ready, buy an Italian-made wood-fired pizza oven. We chose the Forno Bravo Signature Series – Napoli 140.

Then, find your location. Not just any location, though. It needs to be one that inspires your imagination. It’s got to be convenient with ample parking and welcomed by the neighborhood. Roll up your sleeves, battle with zoning issues, wrestle with general contractors and financiers, all the while dragging along your bean counter. Write your business plan, do market research, build a menu, figure out how to source the ingredients – to offer that menu, send it for health plan review, dollar cost your menu and then price it for your market. Oh yes, and then market your new business. No doubt it will take commitment, creativity and intestinal fortitude beyond knowing.


With some luck and lots of help from unsuspecting people (read: friends, family, and people who just want you to succeed), you will begin to live your dream.

This is ours.

When you finally stretch and top your first pie, when it peels out of the oven, take a long whiff and a quick snap with your camera phone. For in that very first moment, you will know… it was worth every minute; every days dream and sleepless night. Napoli-style pizza is timeless. It’s been around since the late 1800s and keeps getting better. The ingredients are wholesome and healthy. The taste – truly unique. Only then will you appreciate what you have accomplished. You will know…
















“The Brick Oven Difference.”

Our Signature Series Forno Bravo oven uses only locally sourced oak hardwood that delivers a temperature of 800ºF on the floor and 1,000ºF in the dome! Timing the operation is crucial. We anticipate 60 seconds for the customer to choose from the menu and pay for the selection. Then, we anticipate 120 seconds to stretch and top the pie, another 120 seconds to cook the pie. If we miss time and exceed this by even 20 seconds we’ve burned the pizza. YIKES! 

And if this all sounds a bit much for you.. we get it. Just stop in to our place. We’ve got great tasting, nutritious pizza, hot and ready for you. Gluten-free dough and dairy-free cheese, too!


Serving the Community of Trinidad and our tourist guests with a sense of authenticity, consistency, and quality. We proudly offer a 50% discount to uniformed first responders, fire and rescue, law enforcement, and active duty military.

Our Mission

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